For everyone in home office who would like to come up with other ideas

Spice tasting as a team event.

Accompany our expert into the exciting world of spices, learn more about the origin, cultivation and aromas of various spices.
When smelling and tasting the spices, sensual impressions are not neglected and there are answers to questions such as “Which spices are in (a) curry and how can I pimp cauliflower with spices?” “Which spices go well with oven vegetables and how do they make them I have a beneficial golden milk or a chai?

But of course your questions about spices will also be answered. With lots of practical tips, a smell test and a final spice quiz, the spice tasting offers an entertaining and inspiring change in everyday home office life or virtual day.

What can you expect:
• We deal intensively with 5 different spices: cinnamon, nutmeg / mace, paprika / chilli, coriander, cardamom
• Including many application tips and recipes (by email)