Flight Events and more

A party or teambuilding location

Everybody deals with flying, whether it is professional or private. We fly with you to New York, Paris, Beijing or where ever you would like to. Experienced pilots answer all your questions about aviation.
A very modern and atmospheric 160 square metre flight centre in one of Munich's exclusive houses awaits you. A location that can be used for workshops as well as being suitable for parties. We arrange the details together with you. 

It is only trust, good communication and a positive way of dealing with mistakes that enables the cockpit team to master everyday situations as well as stress situations clearly and safely. However, it is not only the cockpit team, but the whole crew that contributes with these attributes to the fact that passengers reach their destination safely and comfortably. We convey this in our flight centre together with our partner GET ON BOARD, be it with an exciting event or an intensive teambuilding workshop.
Just the fact that there are more than 500 switches would not do justice to the marvel of the simulator. It is rather the complicated processes behind the instrument panels which fill the cockpit with life such as: the exact simulation of flight, original background -sounds and a lot more. You will forget that you are only in a flight simulator.